About us

Indian Ergonomics School (IndES) was established in 2013. Its host institution is RECOUP Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre, Bengaluru, India (www.recoup.in). IndES is affiliated to the EPM International Ergonomics School (EPM IES), Milan, Italy.

The IndES is the first and only EPM IES in an English-speaking country. EPM IES currently exist in Italy, France, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil.


Ergonomics for Posture and Movement International Ergonomics School (EPM IES) has the primary purpose of spreading throughout the world the most advanced knowledge of ergonomics, coordinating the efforts of agencies, companies and professionals (doctors and engineers) active in several countries, in the general field of protection of health and prevention in the living and work environment, but  with particular reference to the ergonomics of posture and movement in terms of prevention and management of risks due to biomechanical overload.

EPM IES is a cultural no profit association of Schools (collective members) and of the relevant teachers (individual members). The schools and teachers are commercially fully autonomous, but they use the contents and methods proposed by EPM IES for the training activity.

EPM IES originated in 2013, as an evolution of EPM Research Unit, founded in 1985 by Antonio Grieco, for interdisciplinary research on ergonomics of posture and movement, as well as on the pathophysiology and clinical diseases of the musculoskeletal system in order to prevent damage and injuries related to work.

EPM IES is now the largest ergonomics school in the world.

Simple software to apply the methods developed by EPM IES can be freely downloaded at www.epmresearch.org  for use by trained practitioners

Prof. Daniela Colombini is the President and Director of EPM IES